Court Reporter Turned Nurse at HealthSouth Rehabilitation Institute of Tucson Honored as A Finalist in Companywide Award


Royce Conner Royce Conner, a licensed practical nurse at HealthSouth Rehabilitation Institute of Tucson began his nursing career at a later point in life. After working 28 years as a court reporter, Royce went back to school to become a nurse, a career that allows him to make an impact in the outcomes of the patients he cares for in the inpatient rehabilitation hospital. His ability to provide comfort to patients, his team-player attitude and his attention to each detail of patient care have put him in the spotlight as a recipient of HealthSouth’s companywide Outstanding Employee Achievement Awards.

Royce, one of only six finalists out of more than 27,000 HealthSouth employees across the country, was honored for this annual recognition at an award banquet held yesterday in Birmingham, Alabama. Award winners are selected based on their performance in four areas: contributions to extraordinary patient experience, team spirit and cooperation, commitment to continuous quality improvement and going above and beyond the call of duty. The process began with each of the 121 hospitals honoring a hospital employee of the year. Then, six finalists were named at the regional level; and one overall recipient was named for the company.

As a nurse in an inpatient rehabilitation hospital, Royce works with patients recovering from major illnesses and injuries such as stroke and other neurological disorders, cardiac and pulmonary conditions, brain and spinal cord injuries, complex orthopedic conditions and amputations. He is specifically touted for his attention to detail when administering medications, providing comfort, building confidence and keeping patient spirits high during a sometimes extremely challenging recovery process.

“Royce is known for his cheery disposition, sense of humor, positive attitude and his attention to detail when it comes to patient care. He truly goes the extra mile to make patients feel comforted. Royce found his calling when he became a nurse,” said Jeff Christianson, CEO of HealthSouth Rehabilitation Institute of Tucson. “He’s a wonderful asset to our team and is truly deserving of this honor.”

To learn more about Royce, view this brief video here.

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